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Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Thank you for a great chat and update on Dec 1! These meetings will be recorded for those who did not have a chance to join.

General notes can be posted! Here is a quick summary of what was discussed:

- Rishell O'Brien has started a movement called "Dance Safe BC". Everyone is welcome to join and begin sending letters to government regarding the closure of studios in BC.

- Janice provided information regarding ReSound details. The deadline to submit fees is December 15. - Details were provided on efforts already that have already been and are currently being made by governing bodies such as RAD. Letters will be posted to the website.

- Membership discussion - all Studio Directors, Teachers and Educators are welcome to jin BCDEA. This includes anyone in your studio who is "involved".

- BCDEA will be growing and will become the portal for members to stay updated. It is encouraged for all information to be shared on separate pages etc. on Facebook, or other outlets used. - The AGM for BCDEA will be in May 2021. 3-4 new executives will be appointed and the fee structure will change to enable more services and communication to members. - Festival du Ballet is open for registration and needs volunteers. Information is on the site. - We will hold a meeting next Tuesday, December 8th at 11:00. Please invite anyone to attend - Members as well as non-members.

- Link will be posted on the site and will remain the same link for Tuesday meetings should they continue.


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