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February 13-18, 2024


Registration will Open October 1st, 2023
Registration will close December 1st, 2023

Please email if you have questions.

General Rules

• All Dancers must be registered with a studio in British Columbia. No independent entries will be accepted.

90% of training hours must be in a studio located  in BC. 
• Entries will not be processed until full payment is received, no exceptions.

• Each solo, or duo must be entered into at least one group to qualify for high score awards.  EXCEPT in Novice.

  NEW !!!!! Novice Level dancers do NOT need a group to qualify for high scores

• Re-dances are permitted in Novice and Intermediate categories only. Re-dances are permitted in all categories due to technical problems or anything not of the dancer’s fault.
• Categories may be combined or separated based on entries received and at the discretion of the Committee.
• Choreography may contain props.
• Dance offs must be requested in advance and will be approved at t
he discretion of the committee and the availability in the schedule. Dance offs are not guaranteed. 


Entry Information

Registration will open October 1st, 2023
Final Entry deadline is December 1st, 2023.

• Entry fees are non-refundable.  The Committee reserves the right to refuse entries.
• Studios may pay by e-transfer to  Studio cheques will not be accepted. 
• Entries will not be processed until full payment is received.
• Entries will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Please enter early!
• Each late entry is to pay a $20.00 surcharge and will be accepted only if the schedule permits.
• Schedule sent to email provided on registration forms at least 4 weeks prior to event. Please ensure email provided is correct.
• Thank you in advance for ensuring all entries are accurate. A
ny changes to entries after the 2nd draft has been sent are subject to a $10 change fee. This includes incorrect levels, categories, dancers, titles etc.


Please note:  Confirmation email from online submission does not guarantee entry. Email from the Committee confirming space and payment received secures your place.


• Classical- Demi pointe

• Classical – Pointe

• Demi – Character

• Contemporary Ballet

• Contemporary Pointe

• Interpretive Ballet

• Repertoire (Intermediate, Advanced and Accelerated only)
Variations - NEW!

  • Variations on Demi-Pointe (ages 9-11yrs)

  • Variations on Demi-Pointe for 12yrs and up

  • Variations en Pointe  for ages 12yrs and up

  • Dancers with Two Variations - they will not compete against themselves, there will be a separate category.

• Contemporary
• Modern

• Interpretive Contemporary/Modern 

• Open

•  Self Choreography (not eligible for overall high score awards) This Category is open to registered dancers age 12 to 18 years for solo entries only. The choreographer must be the dancer in the solo. The Category will be split into Ballet and Modern/Contemporary and not split by ages. Genre must be as listed in FDB Categories. Entry fee is the same as a solo fee . Self Choreography will receive adjudication and be placed. A Microsoft Form will be sent to all registrants asking for the idea/theme/inspiration for the solo. Forms will be due back by Feb 1/2024. 

•  Adult 19-29 years and 30+ years (not eligible for high score awards)

Category Descriptions

CLASSICAL • Routine uses traditional ballet technique and classical steps in ballet slippers only.

CLASSICAL – POINTE • Routine uses traditional ballet technique and classical steps. Pointe shoes only.

DEMI-CHARACTER • Routine has a strong classical Ballet base while portraying a character throughout. Pointe shoes or Ballet slippers may be worn. Category will not be separated based on shoe style. *Title must be on entry form. Absolutely NO Variations permitted in Demi Character ,
teachers original choreography only

CONTEMPORARY BALLET • Routine is a combination of unstructured dance form and classical ballet technique. It is ever changing and evolving and should involve emotion.  Ballet slippers only.  Pointe shoes (enter Contemporary Pointe).

CONTEMPORARY POINTE • Routine that has an ever changing style of dance, drawing from, but not limited to, ballet, modern and jazz techniques.  Must wear 2 pointe shoes.

INTERPRETIVE BALLET • Ballet technique may be used if the body is used to translate and interpret an idea or mood, feeling or emotion, human condition or dramatic expression combined with dance movement. *Title must be included on entry form.  Pointe shoes or Ballet slippers may be worn.   Category will not be split based on footwear.  No Lyrics are permitted, humming and chanting is allowed.

REPERTOIRE • Intermediate, Advanced and Accelerated duos, trios and groups only. Must be traditional choreography from a known Classical Ballet. To be identified on registration form.


VARIATIONS - Intermediate, Advanced and Accelerated soloists only. Must be traditional choreography from a known Classical Ballet.  Title and dancer name to be identified on registration form . Age appropriate modifications based off of original choreography are permitted. Can be performed en pointe or demi pointe.


9-11yrs - Variations on demi-pointe only

12yrs + Variations on demi-pointe and en pointe.  Categories will be split based on footwear

CONTEMPORARY Routine that has an ever changing style of dance, drawing from, but not limited to, classical ballet, modern and jazz techniques. Any type of footwear is permitted except for ballet slippers (enter contemporary ballet) and pointe shoes (enter contemporary pointe).

MODERN • Routine is a free, expressive style of dance that includes contract and release, floor work and fall and recovery. Style is based on the methods of Graham, Limon, Horton, Hawkins, Humphrey etc. Ballet shoes and pointe shoes are not permitted.


Dance that uses movement of any kind from stylized to pedestrian (with modern technique as its basis) to tell a story, express a feeling, interpret a character, behaviour, or emotional state; Movement should be related to the intent of the music while the choreography must engage the whole body.   Title must reflect the interpretation.  Footwear can be anything other than ballet slippers or pointe shoes.  Lyrics are permitted.

ADULT DANCE 19-29 years or 30+ years • Any routine where the average age of all dancers is 19-29 or 30+. Routines may be any dance form. Dances with 2 or more dancers aged 19 and over must be entered into Adult Dance.  Categories will be split depending on number of entries and at the discretion of event management. Adult Category does not qualify for high scores.

*Need help with category placement? Please ask before entering!


Levels are calculated based on total hours of the following styles per week :

  • Ballet Syllabus and Technique Classes

  • Ballet open/unset

  • Pointe

  • Repertoire

  • Contemporary ballet

  • Contemporary

  • Modern

  • Ballet related conditioning- eg Pilates or PBT

  • Choreography Rehearsals

  • Private/Semi private/Coaching lessons

  • Exam Practices

  • Do not include hours of jazz, lyrical, musical theatre, tap, hip hop or acrobatics 

Novice : 0 – 4.0 hours of training per week
Intermediate : 4.25 –6.75  hours of training per week
Advanced : 7.00 – 10.25 hours of training per week
Accelerated : 10.5 or more hours of training per week

Example of calculating level: 1.5 hours ballet technique +1 hour modern +1 hour contemporary ballet+1.5 hours ballet choreography per week = 5 of training = Intermediate Level

More Info:
• Levels are calculated by averaging the hours of training per duo, trio or group member. (0.5 is rounded to the higher level).

• All dancers must participate evenly in a group performance 

Dancers cannot compete in a lower level than previous events. Example : in 2022 dancer competed in Accelerated : the dancer must now remain in Accelerated for all future FDB events regardless if hours per week reduce .


Age Divisions

• The system will calculate age division using dancer’s age as of December 31, 2023.
• Duos, trios, and groups - add and average the age of all the dancers (0.5 is rounded to the higher age).
• Age Divisions may be combined or separated based on entries received and at the discretion of event management.
• Adult Category:  Solo/Duo/Trios - If ONE or more dancers are aged 19 and over they must enter the Adult Category.  Groups – If TWO or more dancers in a routine are aged 19 years and over they must enter and perform in the Adult Category.


• 3 experienced adjudicator specializing in the art of ballet, modern and contemporary.

• Performances receive video adjudications.
• Awards Sessions to be held at least 3 times per day.
• High Score Awards will be presented at the completion of each level. Dancers must be entered into a group to qualify for High Score Awards, EXCEPT NOVICE.
• The Rose Gala Finale held at the end of the event.

• Event Scores and Placements will be posted on our website within one weeek of the conclusion of our event



Marking System


                                                                                         Novice         Intermediate       Advanced       Accelerated


"Excellence for their level” In all 4 CATEGORIES         91-94                92-96                  94-97                 95-98


1-2 areas are lacking minimally in refinement                86-90                88-91                 90-93                  91-94


GOLD/ GREAT POTENTIAL                                                                               

Most areas are secure with room for                              83-85                85-87                  85-89                 87-90

continuing improvement

HIGH SILVERS/SOLID FOUNDATION                            81-82                82-84                  83-84                84-86                                           

Good base established. Room for progress

in all areas

SILVER/ BASIC BASE                                                         80                    80-81                  81-82                 82-83

Needs to establish basics in all areas. 

All areas require further development

** First , Second and Third Place will be awarded in categories larger than 3 

Rose Gala 

Cash Awards in Each level 

Top scoring solos, duos trios and groups will advance to compete in the Rose Gala Finale 

Exact number from each level Novice , Intermediate , Advanced and Accelerated to be determined based on Entries.

Royal Rose Award 

Each Adjudicator will select an entry to compete at the Rose Gala. ( Solo , Duo , Trio or Group )

Winners of the Royal Rose Award will be announced at each applicable High Score Award Session and will compete in the Rose Gala Finale

Scholarships and BC Provincial Rep Announcements will be made during the Rose Gala 


• All music must be uploaded to DanceSync by January 15th ,2024
• Please be sure to carry backup copies of all music.
• CD and iPod connection will be available.

Time Limits


SOLOS, DUOS, TRIOS - 3 minutes
GROUPS - 5 minutes

• Dancers are timed from the first note of the music until the last dancer exits the stage.
• All dances are timed by a Festival Du Ballet timer.
• Overtime entries are subject to a $25 penalty

Please ensure prop set-up and take-down is prompt.

Audience/Dancer Information
• Admission for audience is $5 per session or $10 per day

• Rose Gala entrance fee is $10 per Adult, Children and dancers ( exception is dancers performing in Gala )

• Dancers are FREE for the competition event with a sign in each day. ( this does not include entry to the Rose Gala)
• At the request of event choreographers there is to be NO camera or video equipment of any kind used in the theatre.
• Professional photographers and-or videographers will be at the event if possible.
• Doors to theatre will open 1hr prior to the start of each day.
• Doors to the change rooms and lobby will open 1hr prior to the start of each day.

• Programs : Will be for sale for $10 each

Studio Directors/Teachers

• Festival Du Ballet requires pre-registration of all teachers by January 15th as buttons will be required. Further information will be emailed at the start of January.

New for 2024!!! - Studio fee of $50 payable at the time of registration.  This fee will include - Studio Program, Studio Owner/Teacher admission to Festival and Gala, coffee, tea ,water and snacks.
• Please sign in backstage upon arrival at the event. If your name is not found on the list please find your studio director.
• Teachers are responsible for uploading music prior to the event.  Please be sure to carry backup copies of all music.

•Each Studio Director will receive one complimentary program.  Other programs can be purchased for $10 each

Entry Fees 

All fees and related information is sent directly to the studio director or studio main contact. Please ensure the we have the correct email information and a contact cell phone number.



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levels and hours
age divisions
marking system
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