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NEXT ZOOM MTG and SOCAN refresher course

ZOOM Meeting

Topic: BCDEA Meeting

Time: Dec 1, 2020 11:00 AM Vancouver

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Meeting ID: 816 9742 5995

SOCAN Refresher Course Many of you have questions about SOCAN and I thought it would be easier to address them as a group. So come on the call and let’s talk about it! It will be recorded and you can watch it later from the site – but I would rather see you there for sure.

Here is some basic info:

The Copyright Board of Canada (the law.. kind of serious, I think we can agree on that!) entitles SOCAN to charge a Tariff for any business that uses music. One of the tariffs applicable to teaching dance classes is Tariff 19.

SOCAN has the authority to audit the enrolment at your studio. Should they choose, they can go back 7 years. If the licenses have not been paid they can demand payment and that could mean thousands of dollars to you, which I know no one can afford right now!!

As a business owner, it is your decision how to operate your studio. There is no obligation to use BCDEA. However, a discounted rate has been negotiated which you will receive if you join. All I am wanting to communicate is that BCDEA is working on your behalf and I want to make sure everyone has the information. If you would like to learn more about the official calculation you can go to this site:

Here is a quick example:

If you have up to 29 students per week in your studio the tariff works out to $74.72 total for the year.

Take note: This means 29 students taking only 1 class. If they average 3 classes each per week then you have 87 students, and the fee is over $200.00 per year. If you do the math, more students = more fees.

The Society of BC Dance Educators was registered in 2010. Being a registered Society, enabled us to negotiate a reduced structured fee for all Members of our Association. This fee calculates to $74.72 per teacher per year.

SOCAN fees needs to only be paid once per year per teacher, even if the teacher contracts at more than one studio. Communicate with your teacher to see if they are remitting fees at another establishment.

Each teacher in your studio must be a Member of BCDEA to be entitled to this reduced fee. There is a $25.00 fee to join our Association. (Until now, this payment has been required only once. This will be changing at the next annual meeting in May to take effect in 2021) Each teacher will be given a Membership number.

Go to to apply for Membership and to summarize the teachers at your studio. You may pay your fees by cheque or by e-transfer.

Contact BCDEA if you need Membership numbers for yourself and/or teachers at your studio.

- Janice

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